Mid 20th Century
Baga snake headpiece can be up to 260 cm high and typically display,
polychrome decoration and decoration and sometimes have eyes inset with glass.
It is an emblem of BASONYI, men's  secret association. This headpiece, also
called basonyi, presents a python standing upright. Basonyi lives in the sacred
forest  and emerges when it is time to  begin the boys' coming-of-age rites. As
receptacle for the  most  powerful spirit, Bansongyi  is believed to be the  
strongest adversary of sorcery and destructive forces that could endanger the
well-being of the village. Bansongyi also appears at the funeral celebrations of
the most important members of the community. They were held on the shoulder of
a dancer. There are also  other masks combining human and animal features.